A great thing happened today. Overnight's song "Duet" landed at #48 on George Strombo's top 100 songs of 2015. And he intros it on CBC Radio with the kindest words, pointing out that the album it's from was made for our dearly departed sister. It's the third song featured on the January 3, 2016 show. You can listen here

Lynette and I are happily stunned and invigorated at a crucial time when we're starting the process of making new work. We recorded "Duet" in Alaska B's bedroom (as we did the entire album) side by side at her piano, and I worried that the song was too sentimental to make the cut. But after throwing in a subtle melodic reference to Ozzy's "Goodbye to Romance" as a tribute to Randy Rhoads, also dearly departed, I knew we had to keep it.

Massive thanks to Nobu for turning George onto our song/album/band, and continued thanks to Alaska for the long hours put into making Carry Me Home. Here's the link if you feel like listening. We're in part two. Also: it's just a fine list in general. Also: come see us at Long Winter on January 16, with Bella Clava on Korg and Michael on Thunderbird.