Warning: lengthy post up ahead!

We have been remiss in telling you about how fun and rewarding our record release shows were. Shows. Two shows in two venues in one night. We would not recommend bands try this approach, especially while there are snowbanks everywhere. 

But we did it with lots of help from our friends – and aside from logistical challenges and SO MUCH GEAR TO CARRY – once we were onstage, it felt like magic.

I have to say that my stage fright has diminished substantially since Caitlin and Mike have come into the fold. I feel supported, at ease, like there is a net beneath me always (especially during guitar solos). It's the best thing to look over during your set and see your bandmates smiling back at you, making jokes, expanding your songs with new colour and energy.

And doing little things before and after to make the whole experience better for everyone. Getting a band tab started at the bar. Working out parking spaces in advance. Just being thoughtful and upbeat, you know? Playing in indie bands is far from glamourous. You've gotta find joy in small places, small kindnesses, small victories that add up to so much.

And those three-part harmonies we've been killing? Dream come true.

Thanks to everybody who came out to both shows and filled the dance floor and expressed such enthusiasm and positivity and love. Special thanks to Mark and Scott for pitching in to work the door and the merch table respectively at the Holy Oak at the drop of a hat. Thanks to Graham for handling guest list and merch and the car and so much else. 

Thanks to Bryan and Aaron and Matt and Dinah and Catriona's friend whose name I didn't catch for helping us carry gear through ice and snow. Additional thanks to Bryan for returning to the land of ice and snow to be with us at our record release shows and sign autographs and be so supportive and amazing. 

Thanks massively to Catriona for letting us share this experience with her and for saying such nice words onstage about the years we all spent touring and making music together. Her new album, Bumble Bee, is soooo good and you should all buy a copy

Thanks so much to all of our Girls Rock Camp Toronto pals (and students!) for coming out to both shows and being so awesome. Thanks to the Dixon Hall School of Music for also making a big showing.

And thanks more than anything to Lynette, my eternal bandmate and dream-supporter and life team mate who rocks the skins so hard and isn't afraid to tell a booking agent how to do his job properly. Tough but tender. All my love is reserved for her. 

The shows were two weeks ago now, so I'm also including a photo from last night. We were the musical guests on Vish Khanna's delightful Long Night talk show at Long Winter. Scott Thompson from Kids In The Hall and Hannibal was also a guest, and a total riot. And Don Pyle from Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. And poet Damian Rogers. Thanks for inviting us, Vish.

We've got tons of new shows coming up, including release parties in Ottawa and Montreal over Easter. Hope to see you all out there.


Overnight at Duffy's Tavern, Feb 28, 2015      Photo credit: Bryan Lee O'Malley

Overnight at Duffy's Tavern, Feb 28, 2015      Photo credit: Bryan Lee O'Malley

Overnight on   Long Night  , March 13, 2015.     Photo credit: Graham Gavine

Overnight on Long Night, March 13, 2015.     Photo credit: Graham Gavine

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