New band name. New band members. New album. New website. We're nothing but excited.

We spent ages making the album, and Lynette spent ages making this site. We just got pre-order stuff sorted out, so if you want to buy the album prior to its release on February 3, we came up with a pretty sweet bundle that includes a rad artistic contribution – can't tell you what yet – by cartoonist Bryan Lee O'Malley.

As for our fantastic live band, Caitlin Dacey – of Bella Clava, Public Animal and Hot Wax – has been adding some badass Uriah Heep-worthy synth parts and three-part harmonies to our songs, and Mike Small – of Meligrove Band – has been laying the bass foundation. Practices are full of snorting laughs, dill pickle popcorn and feminist discourse. Right. On.

We plan to post show info, photos, videos, stuff we're listening to, demos from our band rehearsals, etc., on the regular, so check back often.